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Norfolk International Terminals (NIT)

Located on 567 acres along the Elizabeth and Lafayette Rivers, Norfolk International Terminals (NIT) is the Virginia Port Authority’s largest terminal. Served by 14 super Post-Panamax class ship-to-shore (STS) cranes, NIT has a total of 6,630 linear feet of berthing, dredged to 50’,capable of handling the newest class of Ultra Large Container Vessels (ULCVs) now calling the East Coast.

NIT is divided into three major sections: the South Terminal, the North Terminal and the Central Rail Yard. The terminal has direct, on-dock rail access to Norfolk Southern’s Heartland Corridor, allowing second-day double-stack service to inland markets.  CSX Intermodal access is also available at NIT.  Expanded rail services are critical to our customers in the Midwest and Ohio Valley, ensuring NIT’s position as a competitive gateway terminal.

In January 2018, construction began on a $452 million terminal optimization project.  This state-funded project will increase the total capacity of NIT by 46 percent within the same footprint. In total, The Port of Virginia will have an added capacity of over 1 million containers due to the expansion project at Virginia International Gateway and the terminal optimization project at NIT. These historic investments ensure that our ocean carriers, cargo owners and transportation partners will have room to expand their international business for decades to come. Growth at The Port of Virginia means more jobs and greater economic prosperity for our Commonwealth.

In November 2020, two new ship-to-shore cranes will arrive at NIT and the South NIT optimization will be complete, offering:

  • 30 new container stacks
  • 60 new semi-automated rail-mounted gantry cranes
  • Capacity expansion of 400,000 additional annual container lifts

In January 2021, the new STS cranes will be in service, giving NIT 16 STS cranes, spread over six berths. NIT is now positioned as an industry leader in efficiency, offering customers abundant capacity, designed to meet their transportation and logistics needs today, and in the years to come.

NIT is located adjacent to Interstates 64 and 564 and Hampton Boulevard in Norfolk.  Thousands of daily truck moves are processed through 42 interchange lanes and two on-terminal transfer zones.




Property - 567 acres
Operating on 378 acres


1.22 Million Containers

TEU Capacity

2,147,200 TEUs

Foreign Trade Zone

Foreign Trade Zone #20

Container Storage Area

131 acres

Waterside Access


Elizabeth River


2 Berths North Terminal/4 Berths South Terminal

Wharf Length

2,400 L.F. North/ 4,230 L.F. South

Landside Access




Terminal Blvd

Truck Gate Lanes

16 Lanes (Reversible) - South Gate
26 Lanes - NIT North Gate


18,000 Linear Feet of working track arranged in (12) 1,500 foot sections
Direct Norfolk Southern Service and CSX Service via Portsmouth Beltline
19,812 linear feet of terminal access and storage tracks
4 tracks in terminal Marshall Yard, 9,000 feet


Hustler Trucks


Terminal Lifting Capacity

80 LT
700,000 lbs. via Samson
See crane specs for max lift accordingly per crane

Ship-to-Shore Cranes

14 Super Post Panamax (6 North/12 South)

Straddle Carriers


RTG Rubber Tire Gantry Crane

(5) 5 wide x 4 x 1 high

RMG (Rail Mounted Gantry Crane)

Currently 48 in service; Future 60

Reach Stackers


Reefer Plugs


Fenders (type / quality)

NIT N: Buckling fender with UHMWPE contact panel at 20 feet/good quality
NIT S: Pairs of Buckling cone fenders (15’ apart) with UHMWPE contact panels at 55 feet/good quality

Bollards (SWL / interval)

NIT N: 100 Metric Ton/60 feet on center
NIT S: 225 Ton/60 feet on center

Rail Car Movers


Empty Container Handlers


Map & Directions

Norfolk International Terminals – South Gate
7737 Hampton Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23505
Additional waypoint – Intersection of Hampton and International Terminal Blvd.
Phone (for facility directions and hours only): 757-440-7160

Norfolk International Terminals – North Gate

Exclusive access to and from the NIT North Gate, and neighboring facilities** is via I-564’s new Intermodal Connector.

Traffic destined to NIT North will proceed from I-64 to I-564 west, towards Naval Station Norfolk.  After passing the Terminal Blvd. exit on I-564, drivers will take exit 1 – NIT ramp – and proceed directly to the North Gate.

Traffic exiting NIT North will take the I-564 east ramp and proceed to I-564 via the new Intermodal Connector.

The NIT North Truck Gate, and neighboring facilities** CANNOT be accessed via Hampton Blvd.  Exclusive access is provided via I-564’s new Intermodal Connector.

**Neighboring facilities include Lehigh Cement, Lineage Logistics (Perdue Freezer), Port Police HQ and ID office, and Pier 3.

Norfolk International Terminals – Personal Occupancy Vehicle (POV) gate

All POV and non-cargo traffic (FEDEX, contractors, visitors, etc.) will utilize the Baker St. POV gate.

The Baker St. POV gate operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  POV parking is available at Baker Street in a fenced lot, outside the secure perimeter.  Visitors’ credentials will be issued at the Baker Street gate.

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